Eoin Brodie

Eoin Brodie

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Dept of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
(510) 486-6584
Research Expertise and Interest
microbiology, biogeochemistry, environmental science, carbon cycle, soil science, rhizosphere, decomposition, redox, human microbiome, insect microbiome, molecular biology, bioinformatics, modeling
Research Description

My research focuses on the feedbacks between microbial communities and their environment with a goal towards developing a predictive understanding of how biogeochemical cycles are regulated and how human health is impacted. The general approach can be considered ‘reverse engineering’, that is deconstructing naturally occurring microbial communities with desired properties to identify the functional roles of specific microorganisms, key inter-species interactions and critical environmental or host factors that influence the assembly and maintenance of these populations.

In the News

March 11, 2019

This beetle’s gut may hide clues to making better biofuels

In a new study, researchers at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab describe how the architecture of the long-horned passalid beetle's gut — and the beneficial microbes that inhabit it — help the beetle carry out an amazing transformation. This knowledge could help scientists engineer more efficient systems for producing bioproducts in the lab.