Elizabeth Linos

Elizabeth Linos

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Goldman School of Public Policy
Research Expertise and Interest
public policy, government, behavioral economics, diversity, human resource management, policing, job stress and burnout
Research Description

Elizabeth Linos is a behavioral economist and public management scholar. Her research focuses on how to improve government by focusing on its people. Specifically, her studies consider how we can improve diversity in recruitment and selection, and how different work environments affect performance and motivation in government. Her research has been published in academic journals including the Journal for Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART), Public AdministrationJAMA, the British Medical Journal and others. Her work has also been highlighted in media outlets include the Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Governing magazine, and Slate. 

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January 23, 2020
Andrew Keshner
The Earned Income Tax Credit, aimed at helping low-income families, is an underutilized antipoverty program, and a new study by Berkeley's California Policy Lab investigated whether or not text messages and letters could boost awareness and participation. Unfortunately, their outreach to state residents didn't help. Assistant public policy professor Elizabeth Linos, one of the co-authors, says the nudges may not work because "claiming the credits means filing taxes, something many low-income people wouldn't otherwise have to do. ... That entails significant administrative burden: compiling paperwork, finding time and help to get taxes filed, and sharing sensitive information about finances and household composition. Those challenges may be pushing away the very people these credits are supposed to help." For more on this, see the research report at the California Policy Lab.
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