Elchanan Mossel

Elchanan Mossel

Professor of Statistics
Dept of Statistics
(510) 643-3799
Research Expertise and Interest
applied probability, statistics, mathematics, finite markov chains, markov random fields, phlylogeny
Research Description

Dr. Mossel is interested 'in probability and its applications in theoretical computer science, molecular biology, statistical learning and social choice.

In the News

February 22, 2011

Probability expert looks at the Electoral College

The political controversy surrounding the Electoral College — the institution whereby we elect the president of the United States — is as old as the republic. Associate Professor Eichanan Mossel, an expert in in probability theory, uses his tools to pit the Electoral College system against the simple majority-voting system. How prone to error is the Electoral College, and what are the odds that an election outcome will actually be flipped by random error?