David Stern

David Stern

Professor Emeritus
Berkeley School of Education
Research Expertise and Interest
education, school reform, high schools, career academies, the relationship between education and work, school-based enterprise, resource allocation in schools
Research Description

David Stern is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, where he joined the faculty in 1976. His research has focused on the relationship between education and work, and on resource allocation in schools. His current interests include strengthening career academies, improving access to higher education, developing social enterprises for learning, and expanding options for educating teenagers.

Professor Stern co-founded the Career Academy Support Network in 1998 and served as Principal Investigator until 2016. He served 2003-08 on the faculty committee that oversees undergraduate admissions to Berkeley, and chaired it for two years. He also represented Berkeley from 2003-08 on the faculty committee that sets admissions policy for the entire University of California system. From 1995-99 he served as director of the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, based at Berkeley's Graduate School of Education. From 1993-95 he was principal administrator in the Center for Educational Research and Innovation at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.

Professor Stern has published about a hundred papers and reports, and nine books including: International Perspectives on the School-to-Work Transition (ed. with D. Wagner, 1999); Active Learning for Students and Teachers (ed. with G. Huber, 1997); School to Work: Research on Programs in the United States (with N. Finkelstein, J. Stone III, J. Latting, and C. Dornsife, 1995); School-Based Enterprise: Productive Learning in American High Schools (with J. Stone III, C. Hopkins, M. McMillion, and R. Crain, 1994); Career Academies: Partnerships for Reconstructing American High Schools (with M. Raby and C. Dayton, 1992); Market Failure in Training (ed. with J.M.M. Ritzen, 1991); and Adolescence and Work: Influences of Social Structure, Labor Markets and Culture (ed. with D. Eichorn, 1989).

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