Carl Monismith

Carl L. Monismith

Professor Emeritus
Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(510) 665-3560
(510) 665-3562
Research Expertise and Interest
pavement design, pavement rehabilitation, asphalt paving technology, transportation facilities design
Research Description

Development of improved methods for design and rehabilitation of pavements used in streets, highways, airfields, and port facilities. Advanced testing of asphalt paving mixes to define their fatigue , permanent deformation and low temperature cracking behavior.

In the News

October 18, 2011

For six decades he’s paved the way for a smoother ride

Often it’s an unexpected pothole or a bumpy road that draws our attention to pavement conditions. But for Professor Carl Monismith, co-director of the campus’s Pavement Research Center, the technology of road surfaces has been his passion for the past 60 years.