Bernhard E. Boser

Professor of Electrical Engineering Director, Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center
Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS
(510) 643-8350
(510) 643-6637
Research Expertise and Interest
analog integrated circuits, analog/digital converters, gyroscopes, strain sensors, biosensors, inertial sensors, accelerometers, ultrasound sensors, capacitive readout circuits
Research Description

Bernhard Boser's research focuses on new applications of analog circuits to micro-and bio-sensors. Novel electrostatic interfaces use feedback, quantization, resonance, and other ideas to sense and control displacements in sensors to sub-atomic precision. Applications include miniaturized gyroscopes for automotive and navigation tasks, biological sensors to detect infectious diseases, or low-power, long-range optical communication circuits. Many projects rely on unconventional approaches, such as the use of digital circuits to boost the achievable performance or lower power dissipation of analog circuits in modern deep submicron CMOS processes.

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