Andrew Packard

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
(510) 643-5599
Research Expertise and Interest
design, robustness issues in control analysis, linear algebra, numerical algorithms in control problems, applications of system theory to aerospace problems, flight control, assistive robotics
Research Description

Computational methods for certification (ie., proofs) of system behavior, via automatic generation (via optimization) of proof certificates.  The work cuts across many areas, from optimization algorithm analysis and design, validation and uncertainty quantification in small and large scale science projects, and analysis of large, networked dynamic systems. Quantitative nonlinear systems analysis,  feedback design methodologies, receding horizon control, general robustness properties of interconnected systems, fault detection and isolation, robust filtering and estimation, control of parameter-varying systems, data structure and optimization issues associated with collaborative research for modeling complex physical processes. Applications of system theory to aerospace problems, flight control, autopilot design, missile defense systems, assistive robotics, cube-sat formation coordination, fault detection, automated vehicles, earth-moving equipment, loudspeaker modeling and control.

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