Andrew F. Stewart

Andrew F. Stewart

Professor of the Graduate School
Dept of Classics
Dept of History of Art
(510) 642-4524
(510) 643-2185
Research Expertise and Interest
archaeology, classics, Greek sculpture, ancient art and architecture, the Hellenistic east after Alexander, the Renaissance reception of antiquity
Research Description

Andrew F. Stewart is Professor Emeritus of Ancient Mediterranean Art and Archaeology in the Departments of History of Art and Classics.

He specializes in ancient Greek art, particularly sculpture, and currently research and am publishing the Classical and Hellenistic freestanding and architectural sculpture from the Athenian Agora. His interests include the body in art and thought; portraiture and personhood in ancient Greece; Greek and Roman attitudes to and writing on Greek art; the Greeks in the East before and after Alexander; and the Renaissance and later reception of ancient sculpture. As a field archaeologist, he has excavated and researched at Knossos in Crete, at Long Beach Maori settlement in New Zealand, and from 1986-2006 at the Phoenician, Israelite, Persian, Greek, Roman, and Crusader port of Dor in Israel.

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