Lists of Controlled Technologies

In considering whether or not a shipment to another country will require an export license, we need to consider both WHAT is being shipped and WHERE it is going.

The lists on this page deal with WHAT is being shipped. (See the lists of export-controlled or embargoed countries for guidance about WHERE shipments may be sent.)

Technologies subject to Export Control Laws are categorized on the following two lists:

  • Munitions List
    published by the US State Department in its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) focused on potential military applications or technologies that are military in nature

In addition, under the provisions of the international Chemical Weapons Convention, the United States may require special declarations related to chemical shipments under either the ITAR or the EAR.

If you are shipping an item that you believe falls into a controlled category, use the links below to go to the regulations themselves for further description of categories, or contact to reach the Research Administration and Compliance Office.

CATEGORIES: International Traffic in Arms Regulations

U.S. Munitions List

(Link opens the State Department site in a separate browser window, see Part 121)

  • Category I
    Firearms, Close Assault Weapons and Combat Shotguns 
  • Category II
    Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms, and Toxins
  • Category III
  • Category IV
    Launch Vehicles, Guided Missiles, Ballistic Missiles, Rockets, Torpedoes, Bombs and Mines
  • Category V
    Explosives and Energetic Materials, Propellants, Incendiary Agents and Their Constituents 
  • Category VI
    Vessels of War and Special Naval Equipment 
  • Category VII
    Tanks and Military Vehicles 
  • Category VIII
    Aircraft and Associated Equipment 
  • Category IX
    Military Training Equipment
  • Category X
    Protective Personnel Equipment 
  • Category XI
    Military Electronics
  • Category XII
    Fire Control, Range Finder, Optical and Guidance and Control Equipment 
  • Category XIII
    Auxiliary Military Equipment 
  • Category XIV
    Toxicological Agents, Including Chemical Agents, Biological Agents, and Associated Equipment
  • Category XV
    Spacecraft Systems and Associated Equipment 
  • Category XVI
    Nuclear Weapons, Design and Testing Related Items 
  • Category XVII
    Classified Articles, Technical Data and Defense Services Not Otherwise Enumerated 
  • Category XVIII
    Directed Energy Weapons 
  • Category XX
    Submersible Vessels, Oceanographic and Associated Equipment


Bureau of Industry and Security Commerce Control list

(Link above opens the Commerce Department site in a separate browser window, scroll to Part 774. Links below open the individual sections of the Commerce Control List in a separate browser window.)

  • Category 0
    Nuclear Materials, Facilities & Equipment (and Miscellaneous Items)
  • Category 1
    Materials, Chemicals, Microorganisms, and Toxins
  • Category 3
    Electronics Design, Development and Production
  • Category 5
    Part 1: Telecommunications
    Part 2: Information Security
  • Category 9
    Propulsion Systems, Space Vehicles and Related Equipment