Phase 2 Research Recovery

Phase 2 of research recovery is proceeding at UC Berkeley with a carefully considered building-by-building approach that initially focuses on buildings that provide a home to experimental laboratory research. During this phase, all research that can be conducted remotely should continue to be conducted remotely. All meetings and seminars should remain remote. 

The process of opening buildings for Phase 2 research activities is unfolding gradually across the campus.  Please review a general overview as well as roles and responsibilities here. You can also access contact information for the Building Oversight Committees that are actively working with faculty and researchers to ensure that all relevant new campus guidelines are met. Note that all employees approved for a return to on-campus research have to complete special training, complete a daily symptom screener, wear face coverings and adhere to other campus-wide guidance.

Phase 2 of research recovery is based on the June 16, 2020 report issued by the the Research Recovery Committee recommending a phased approach to the gradual ramp-up of on campus research activities – and potential ramp-down – should future local health conditions require this. Vice Chancellor for Research Randy Katz accepted and endorsed the committee’s recommendations. Please review the committee’s full report here. This June 23, 2020 Campus Conversation features Vice Chancellor for Research Randy Katz, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Marc Fisher and two of the committee members in conversation about the implementation of the Phase 2 research recovery efforts. 

We expect that there will be unanticipated developments and unintended consequences and that plans and processes may need to be modified as we proceed and learn. Guidance posted to this website may be changed and updated on short notice.