Phase 2 Research Recovery

Phase 2 Research Recovery went live in June and July 2020, following a building-by-building approach that focused on buildings that provide a home to experimental laboratory research. 

Phase 2 was based on a June 16, 2020 report issued by the Research Recovery Committee recommending a phased approach to the gradual ramp-up of on campus research activities – and potential ramp-down – should future local health conditions require this. Vice Chancellor for Research Randy Katz accepted and endorsed the committee’s recommendations. Please review the committee’s full report here

Since that time the Joint Planning Committee for Academic Buildings (JPCAB) was formed to oversee return of activities to academic buildings, including research access to critical on-campus resources in August 2020.  Phase 3 research recovery in laboratory buildings expanded density in laboratory settings in October/November 2020.

As of November 2020, research labs and facilities in campus lab buildings are welcome to remain at Phase 2 density, or submit a Phase 3 density management plan to their Building Oversight Committee (BOC) for review and approval.