Phase 3 Compliance and Oversight

Planning for, and oversight of Phase 3 Research Recovery will be managed by established ‘Building Oversight Committees’ (BOCs), with oversight by cognizant deans and department chairs, and final approval by the VC Research and Joint Planning Committee for Academic Buildings (JPCAB).

As with Phase 2, it will be up to each lab/research group to determine how best to organize and schedule its personnel and research activities within the density budget, and ensure that social distancing and disinfecting measures are in place at all times. In order to maximize the research activities that can take place within the density budget, labs can consider a variety of options, for example scheduling and staggering work shifts to allow multiple people to work in sequence. All research that does not need to be conducted on campus (data analysis, lab meetings, seminars) should be conducted remotely. 

*Note that ALL onsite researchers in the lab must be counted toward the lab’s density budget, including those who were granted permission to come to campus during Phase 1 (e.g. for COVID-19 research).

Health & Safety

All on-campus personnel must adhere to campus requirements for training, testing and filling out the daily symptom screener. It is the PI’s responsibility to make sure that all personnel granted approval to come to campus complete training prior to coming to campus for the first time.

As of January 26, 2021, all UC Berkeley employees and students coming to campus are required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing through University Health Services (UHS).  See the UHS website for locations and logistics.  Third-party employees and contractors are not subject to this requirement.  Note that currently all employees who have received the vaccine still need to be tested regularly.

Ramping Back Down

Although we hope that ongoing campus and community efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 will continue to be effective, a resurgence could occur at any time. All laboratory groups should be prepared to return to Phase 2 if needed. 

In addition, there is a high chance that density in campus buildings (including lab research) may need to be rebalanced in Spring 2021 should in-person, indoor instruction be allowed.  The VCR determined that it was preferable to allow a short-term increase in lab density during Fall 2020 and have to reduce density in Spring 2021, than to remain at lower density pending the return of on-campus instruction.

Monitoring Compliance

All campus personnel are empowered and encouraged to report recurring noncompliant practices. Faculty Principal Investigators, unit directors and department chairs should make every effort to resolve reports of problems locally if possible. If safety deficiencies are not resolved locally in a timely fashion, the issue should be escalated to the appropriate department chair, dean, or Building Oversight Committee, or if necessary the VC Research, for swift correction. 

Consequences for not following health and safety measures include revocation of campus access privileges for individuals, or if necessary, entire research groups/units.

Options for reporting violations or concerns include: