Compliance and Oversight

Health & Safety

All on-campus personnel must adhere to Campus access requirements for masking, training, vaccination/testing and daily symptom screening. All personnel should download the Berkeley Mobile App and be able to demonstrate a green campus badge whenever they are on campus.  

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to confirm that all personnel coming to campus have completed all requirements prior to coming to campus. Supervisors can use PeopleCards to view status, or ask employees to show a green campus access badge (download Berkeley Mobile app to access the badge).

Monitoring Compliance

All campus personnel are empowered and encouraged to report recurring noncompliant practices. Faculty Principal Investigators, unit directors and department chairs should make every effort to resolve reports of problems locally if possible. If safety deficiencies are not resolved locally in a timely fashion, the issue should be escalated to the appropriate department chair, dean, or Building Oversight Committee, or if necessary the VC Research, for swift correction. 

Options for reporting violations or concerns include: