Before Returning to Campus

Updated 4/9/21

All UC employees, students and affiliates who are authorized to return to / work on campus must complete the following requirements before coming to campus:

  • Campus Access Badge:  All UC Berkeley employees and students are asked to download the Berkeley Mobile app on their smart phone. This links to the ‘Campus Access Badge’, which will turn green as soon as all required COVID-19 prevention requirements have been met, including campus training and COVID-19 testing.
  • Required training:
  • Symptom screening:  Complete a symptom screener for each day that they intend to be on campus for indoor or outdoor activities. 
  • Flu Shot: Obtain a flu vaccine or applicable exemption or accommodation. Please complete the attestation on the People & Culture’s Flu Shot 2020 webpageNote: all student employees must complete the attestation through People & Culture in addition to any documentation required by eTang.
  • Required COVID-19 testing: All UC Berkeley employees and students coming to campus are required to participate in regular COVID-19 testing through University Health Services (UHS), with exceptions if you have been fully vaccinated.  See the UHS website for locations and logistics. 
  • Testing requirements if you are fully vaccinated: Effective April 1, 2021, campus surveillance testing requirements changed for fully vaccinated faculty, staff, and students. Review updates on the UHS website. If you were vaccinated outside of UHS, you can upload your vaccination record to eTang. Once verified, your campus badge will reflect new testing requirements. Note that you must have had one COVID-19 test through UHS before your campus access badge will work; see the UHS website for scheduling and locations.
  • Facial coverings: As of April 2021, facial coverings are still required at all times on UC Berkeley property, unless you are alone in a room with the door closed. For more information about PPE and locations to pick up cloth face coverings provided by the university, visit the EH&S website.

All non-employees (contractors, third party employees from other institutions, etc) who are granted authorized access to campus buildings and core facilities are required to:

  • Review and acknowledge this hard copy version (revised 2/8/21) of the UC Berkeley COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide for Returning to the Workplace and e-mail an acknowledgement to their campus contact person and the EH&S training team
  • Complete a symptom screener for each day that they intend to work on campus (select option for no CalID). 
  • Wear a facial covering and practice six-foot distancing at all times while on campus grounds.
  • All non-employees are also encouraged to obtain a flu shot and participate in regular COVID-19 testing (may be required through your employer as a condition of coming to the Berkeley campus).

Who can return:

More information about who should and should not return to working on campus (and other university work sites) is included in the COVID-19 Return to the Workplace section of the People & Culture website and in the UC Berkeley COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide for Returning to the Workplace

In order to determine whether an employee can be instructed to return to campus to work, managers should use the ​Decision Tree and Guidelines​ to guide their decision-making. If an employee and their supervisor cannot reach agreement about returning to work on-site, the employee and the manager should work with Employee and Labor Relations or the Academic Personnel Office, as applicable, to resolve the dispute.