Data & Statistics for Proposals

UC Berkeley Campus

  • Our Berkeley (UC Berkeley Office of Planning & Analysis): An electronic data digest with easy-to-navigate dashboards and tables on UC Berkeley admissions, enrollment, faculty and staff, instruction, student outcomes, and the student experience. 

  • Cal Answers (UC Berkeley Office of Planning & Analysis): The centralized, integrated data reporting warehouse for the Berkeley campus. Dashboards on: students (applicants, curriculum, demographics, outcomes); alumni (career success, community impact, gifts); finance; research; human resources; facilities; and–of particular relevance to broader impacts–underrepresented students (demographics, outcomes, financials). Calnet ID required.

  • Berkeley Diversity Data Dashboard: Demographic data on undergrads, graduate students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups in comparison with parallel data on California's general population. Also includes graduation rates and equity gaps for underrepresented undergraduates by gender, race/ethnicity, and entry status (freshman or transfer).

  • Berkeley Div. of Academic Planning-Toolkit: includes unit profiles and summary data about academic departments and professional schools.

  • About Berkeley: A general overview and history of the campus. Includes "Berkeley by the Numbers," a collection of fun and sometimes hard-to-find facts such as number of Nobel prize winners; percentage of first generation college students; number of Olympic medalists; student-faculty ratio.

  • Berkeley Common Data Set (UC Berkeley Office of Planning & Analysis): Organizes data according to the Common Data Set protocols established by the College Board, Thomson-Petersons, and U.S. News & World Report to report on: student enrollment and persistence; freshmen and transfer admissions; academic offerings and policies; student life; annual expenses, financial aid; instructional faculty; class size; and degrees conferred.

  • Berkeley Sponsored Projects Annual Report (SPO): An annual overview of extramural research funding sources and trends at UC Berkeley. SPO also maintain an interactive dashboard with data on UC Berkeley proposals and awards by funder and department.

  University of California System

  • UC Information Center (UCOP): User-friendly dashboards with data on economic mobility and earnings of UC alumni; community college enrollments at UC campuses; graduation rates and employment outcomes by major and discipline; UC rankings at a glance; UC employee FTEs and demographics; UC campuses on the California map; UC facts at a glance; and more.

  • Institutional Research & Academic Planning (UCOP): UC's centralized data management and reporting website. The site provides a link to the user-friendly UC Facts at a Glance. It also includes reports on first generation student success; the rural student pipeline; undergraduate retention and graduation rates; graduate degree aspirations and outcomes; bar exam passage rates; plus topical briefings on federal and state funding. 

Graduate and Doctoral Programs Nationally

  • Assessment of Research Doctoral Programs (National Research Council): Ranks > 5,000 U.S. research doctoral programs in 60+ fields at 200+ universities. Information on faculty publications, grants, and awards; student GRE scores, financial support, and employment outcomes; program size, time to degree, and faculty composition; and faculty and student diversity.

  • CGS/GRE Graduate Enrollment and Degrees (Council of Graduate Schools): Nationwide data on applications for graduate school admission; first-time and total graduate student enrollment; and graduate degrees and certificates conferred. Current year and trend data are presented by field, gender, race/ethnicity, citizenship, attendance, and institutional features.

K-12 and Higher Education

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