Program Overview

Bio2Market banner - in the lab

The Bio-Manufacturing to Market program is designed to bring the innovative and exploratory energies of UC Berkeley and Laney Community College students into collaborative projects with our local East Bay start-ups, medium and large sized industries in advanced manufacturing.  

Our program is open to a broad range of industry technologies including bio-manufacturing, bio-medical device design, prototyping and manufacturing, computer driven design and 3D printing, and new techniques in wet chemistry that improve short-run process technologies in industry and help drive clean chemistry development to replace petroleum based chemicals with bio-based alternatives.

The Bio-Manufacturing to Market program partners interdisciplinary student teams with  industry clients to assist with challenging technical and business problems such as:

  • Optimizing processes for product scale up
  • Performing market assessments: defining the client's market; customer segmentation, product and service alignment with target market(s)
  • Re-fining raw technology; prototyping for scalability
  • Product life-cycle assessments
  • Exploring economic and environmental implications for varying manufacturing scenarios

And more!

The Bio-Manufacturing to Market program is funded by the US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy through its Advanced Manufacturing Program.  

The Bio-Manufacturing to Market program is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge grant and a member of the East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network.