Bakar Innovation Fellows

Group photo of Bakar Innovation Fellows
Bakar Innovation Fellows Eric Copenhaver, Tammy Hsu, Zack Phillips, Michael Chen, Sean Chen, Vlad Senatorov, Aaron Friedman and Meghan Hauser

The Bakar Innovation Fellows are creative and entrepreneurial graduate students and postdoctoral scientists who are working with a Bakar Faculty Fellow to translate their laboratory discoveries and innovations to the commercial sector. The program introduces Innovation Fellows to campus resources and advisors to help them transition from academic researcher to startup founder.


The Bakar Innovation Fellows are:

Sean Chen, Ph.D. candidate in Molecular and Cell Biology, is perfecting a simple and efficient method for generating genome-engineered research and agricultural animals.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Lin He

Michael Chen, Ph.D candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Zack Phillips, Ph.D. candidate in Applied Science and Technology, are developing LED-based light sources and analytical software to enable standard light microscopes to easily and inexpensively perform specialized imaging methods.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Laura Waller

Eric Copenhaver, Ph.D candidate in Physics, and Xuejian Wu Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Physics, are creating miniaturized atomic sensors for applications in navigation, mineral exploration, surveillance, and civil engineering.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Holger Müller

Raissa Estrela Curado, Ph.D. candidate in Molecular and Cell Biology, is engineering the yeast K. marxianus for environmentally friendly industrial scale production of oleochemicals for use in aquaculture. 
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Jamie Cate

Aaron Friedman, Ph.D candidate in Integrative Biology, and Vlad Senatorov, Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience, are studying small molecule inhibitors of blood brain barrier disruption, which show promise of preventing age-associated dementia.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Daniela Kaufer

Meghan Hauser, Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry, is devising super resolution fluorescence microscopy methods for applications in neurobiology.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Ke Xu

Tammy Hsu, Ph.D. candidate in Bioengineering, is developing an environmentally friendly process for dyeing with indigo, the primary dye used in coloring denim.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: John Dueber

Jyoti Taneja, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Plant and Microbial Biology, is engineering powdery mildew resistant variants of important California crops such as tomato, grape and strawberries.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Mary Wildermuth