Bakar Innovation Fellows

The Bakar Innovation Fellows are creative and entrepreneurial graduate students and postdoctoral scientists who are working with a Bakar Faculty Fellow to translate their laboratory discoveries and innovations to the commercial sector. The program introduces Innovation Fellows to campus resources and advisors to help them transition from academic researcher to startup founder.

Bakar Innovation Fellows 2019-2020
2019-20 Bakar Innovation Fellows, from left: Prashant Chandrasekharan, Chase Chen, Adrian Davey, Andrew Yeskoo, Rishabh Poddar, Heather Upton, Storm Weiner, Xuejian Wu, Linqing Luo, Jyoti Taneja

The 2019-20 Bakar Innovation Fellows:

Jonathan Bachman, Ph.D. is President and CTO of Flux Technology, operating under a SSUFIE agreement the laboratory of his mentor to create composite polymer membranes for purifying natural gas.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Jeffrey Long 

Christopher Barnes, Ph.D. candidate in Bioengineering, is working to make widespread clinical use of gene therapy feasible by increasing production efficiency of therapeutic-grade viral vectors.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: David Schaffer

Prashant Chandrasekharan, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Bioengineering, is formulating novel iron oxide nanoparticle tracers to optimize resolution of Magnetic Particle Imaging, a new non-invasive, non-radioactive imaging modality.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Steven Conolly

Chase (Qixi) Chen, M.Eng. candidate in Materials Science and Engineering, is employing a new transition material to increase the sensitivity and resolution of infrared radiation detectors.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Junqiao Wu

Adrian Davey, Ph.D. candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is developing a sensitive, inexpensive miniaturized carbon dioxide sensor with a readily visible color change readout.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Roya Maboudian

Eduardo González Grandío, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is developing a biomolecule delivery technique based on carbon nanotubes that will help accelerate non-GMO plant breeding.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Markita Landry

Johannes Henriksson, Ph.D. candidate, and postdoctoral scientist Kyungmuk Kwon, Ph.D., both in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, are perfecting a newly invented silicon photonic MEMS switch, with the potential to greatly increase the speed and efficiency of optical communication networks and data centers.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Ming Wu

Postdoctoral scientist Lingqing Lu, Ph.D., and  Ph.D. candidate Andrew Yeskoo, both in Civil and Environmental Engineering, are incorporating distributed fiber optic cables into new and retrofit construction to assess infrastructure performance and maintenance requirements.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Kenichi Soga 

Mehran Mirramezani, Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, is developing computational frameworks for analyzing fractional flow reserve computerized tomography (FFR_CT) images to non-invasively assess coronary artery obstruction.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Shawn Shadden

Rishabh Poddar, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, is building a data encryption platform that will enable participating organizations to collaboratively process confidential information such as health outcomes, sharing the results without revealing their individual data to each other.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Raluca Ada Popa

Heather Upton, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Molecular and Cell Biology, is devising highly efficient methods of sequencing small RNA or DNA molecules as a rapid, reliable and affordable biomarker diagnostic.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Kathleen Collins

Jyoti Taneja, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Plant and Microbial Biology, is engineering powdery mildew resistant variants of important California crops such as tomatoes, grapes and strawberries.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Mary Wildermuth

Storm Weiner, Ph.D. candidate in Physics, and Xuejian Wu, Ph.D., postdoctoral scientist in Physics, are creating miniaturized atomic sensors for applications in navigation, mineral exploration, surveillance, and civil engineering.
Bakar Faculty Fellow: Holger Müller