Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
119 California Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1500 / (510) 642-7540

Christopher McKee 
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research  510-642-7540
Robert Price Associate Vice Chancellor for Research 510-642-1049
Suzanne Pierce Senior Strategic Advisor 510-643-7597
Budget and Financial Services
David Castellanos
Budget Director 
Human Resources
Laura Mays Academic Personnel Coordinator 510-642-9689
Sarah Herr Academic Personnel Analyst 510-643-3708
Liz Kafer Academic Personnel Analyst 510-664-4529
Berkeley Research Development Office
David Trinkle Director 510-207-6233
Erica Whitney 

Senior Research Development Analyst

Kim Baeten

Research Development Fellow

Kate Spohr

Research Outreach Specialist

Barbara Ustanko

Research Development Analyst

Administrative and Analytical Support
Susan Aberg Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor and the Senior Strategic Advisor 510-643-4797
Matthew Andrews Program Manager, Limited Submissions, Exceptional PI Requests 510-643-1795
Mary Barnum Chief of Staff 510-642-4546
Verna Bowie Project Analyst 510-664-4450
Tiff Dressen Manager, New Initiatives & Special Projects
Melanie Mejia Administration and Analysis Staff 510-642-9485
Tracy Paulson Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor 510-643-8056
Development/External Relations
Kaja Sehrt Senior Director of Development 510-642-3633
Kassie Darling
Development Associate
Information Technology
Kimberly Carl Director, Information Systems and Services 510-643-1017
Howie Lan Programmer/Web Developer 510-643-3184