Research at Berkeley is undertaken within several types of organizations—academic departments, institutes and centers, museums, and field stations.

  • Academic departments offer courses and grant degrees, as well as sometimes housing laboratories and other research infrastructure. They are organized according to academic disciplines (e.g. Sociology, Economics, Physics).
  • Research Centers and Institutes, sometimes referred to as Organized Research Units (ORUs), are organized around broad substantive research topics (e.g. international affairs, information technology, the environment). As such, they draw into their research programs faculty and students from multiple departments and disciplines. Berkeley has more than 100 such research units.
  • Museums also serve as important research sites on the campus. Berkeley has eight museums with strong collections in a variety of fields, including anthropology, paleontology and entomology.
  • In addition, Berkeley manages a number of biological field stations. Most are in remote locations within California ideal for the study of ecosystems, botany, zoology, and forestry.

For information about research activities within an academic department, go directly to that department's webpage from this list of departments. For information regarding institutes, centers, museums, and field stations, use the drop down lists below to filter by field of research and type of research unit. A list for research centers and institutes by subject area is available here.

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Research Unit Director Email Telephone
Radio Astronomy Laboratory William Holzapfel (510) 642-5036
Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory Daniel Kammen (510) 642-1139
Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research George Roderick (510) 643-3326
Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy & Public Finance Alan Auerbach (510) 643-0711
Sagehen Creek Field Station Vacant
Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing Richard Karp (510) 664-4029
Space Sciences Laboratory Stuart Bale, (510) 642-1361
Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology Ikhlaq Sidhu (510) 664-4336
Theoretical Astrophysics Center Eliot Quataert, (510) 642-3792
UC Botanical Garden Eric T Siegel (510) 643-8999
UC Center for Energy and Environmental Economics Severin Borenstein (510) 642-9590
UC Energy Institute Severin Borenstein (510) 642-9590
UC Museum of Paleontology Charles Marshall (510) 642-1821
UC Transportation Center Robert Cervero, (510) 642-4874
University and Jepson Herbaria Brent Mishler, (510) 642-6810
University of California Center on Economic Competitiveness in Transportation Michael Cassidy (510) 642-7702