Institute for South Asia Studies

One of the world's leading institutes for research and programs on South Asia, the Institute for South Asia Studies (ISAS) at the University of California, Berkeley works with faculty members, graduate students, community members, private institutions, and non-profit organizations to deepen understanding of the region and to create new generations of scholars of South Asia.

ISAS actively:

  • Supports teaching and research activities of South Asia-related faculty and their students
  • Initiates and administers research projects
  • Organizes and hosts lectures, colloquia, seminars, and research conferences
  • Develops financial resources for the enhancement of South Asia studies
  • Encourages interdisciplinary, regional, and comparative studies of South Asia
  • Creates outreach programs in coordination with other institutions of primary, secondary, and post-secondary education
  • Administers fellowships and grants for the study of South Asian languages
  • Publishes language textbooks and monographs on South Asia studies
  • Supports cultural and community activities relating to South Asia and South Asians


Lawrence Cohen

(510) 642-3608

Staff Contact

Sanchita Saxena

(510) 642-3608

Mailing Address

10 Stephens Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720 - 2310