Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics
School of Public Health

Research Expertise and Interest

genomics, classification, statistical computing, biostatistics, cross-validation, density estimation, genetic mapping, high-throughput sequencing, loss-based estimation, microarray, model selection, multiple hypothesis testing, prediction, RNA-Seq


Professor Dudoit's research and teaching activities concern the development and application of statistical methods and software for the analysis of biomedical and genomic data. Specific areas of interest include the design and analysis of high-throughput microarray and sequencing gene expression experiments, e.g., RNA-Seq. Her methodological research interests include loss-based estimation with cross-validation (e.g., parametric and non-parametric density estimation and regression, variable selection) and multiple hypothesis testing. Professor Dudoit is also interested in statistical computing and is a founding core developer of the Bioconductor Project.

In Research News

September 30, 2014

The National Institutes of Health today announced its first research grants through President Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative, including three awards to the University of California, Berkeley, totaling nearly $7.2 million over three years.

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