Professor of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
(510) 642-4398

Research Expertise and Interest

chemical engineering, protein allostery and engineering, biomass deconstruction, multiscale modeling and simulation


<p>Our research program aims to understand how the atomistic scale information of biomolecules (chemistry) governs processes occurring at larger scales in the cell (biology) and applies this knowledge in therapeutic discovery, protein engineering and stabilization, biomaterial science, and the design of molecular devices (engineering). For this purpose, computational methodologies that can be used to propagate information across multiple temporal and spatial domains are being developed and applied to study various biomolecular systems. Current research projects include the allosteric modulation of membrane receptors, mechanical responses of biomolecules, effects of shear on protein conformation and protein-protein interactions, protein stability at oil/water interfaces, and the self-assembly of biomaterials.</p>

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