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Name Expertise Department
Roland Bürgmann geophysics, geology, earth and planetary science, geomechanics, tectonics, structural geology, active tectonics, fault zone processes, crustal deformation, space geodesy Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Jonathan Burgstone innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley, Hedge Funds Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Beth Burnside cell biology of photoreceptors, cytoskeletal motors, morphogenetic events, photomembrane turnover Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
Carlos Bustamante nanoscience, structural characterization of nucleo-protein assemblies, single molecule fluorescence microscopy, DNA-binding molecular motors, the scanning force microscope, prokaryotes Department of Chemistry, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, Department of Physics
Judith Butler critical theory, gender and sexuality studies, comparative literature, 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, social and political thought, philosophy and literature Department of Comparative Literature
Van Butsic land use, planning, land use policy Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Richard M. Buxbaum law, corporation law, comparative and international economic law Boalt Hall School of Law
Roger Byrne historical biogeography, vegetation change, prehistoric agriculture, pollen analysis, history of late-Pleistocene/Holocene environment, fossil pollen Department of Geography
Elton J. Cairns electrochemical energy conversion, electrocatalysis, electrodes, x-ray absorption spectroscopies (XAS), synchrotron radiation, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), fuel cells, batteries, chemical engineering electrochemistry Department of Chemical Engineering
Roy L. Caldwell ecology, evolution, Invertebrates, animal behavior, behavioral ecology, marine biology, stomatopods, crustaceans, cephalopods, octopus, mating systems, communication, sensory ecology, aggressive behavior, coral reef restoration Department of Integrative Biology
Richard Calendar listeria monocytogenes, phage-based integration vector, Bacillus anthracis, vaccine Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
Duncan Callaway modeling and control of aggregated storage devices, power management, and system analysis of energy technologies and their impact Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS, Energy & Resources Group
Robert Calo journalism, cultural geography, social history, urban affairs, television news production School of Journalism
John Campbell theory of meaning; philosophy of mind; causation in psychology Department of Philosophy
Edmund Campion music, composition, musical application of computer technologies Department of Music
Joseph C. Campione development, education, cognition, learning and transfer processes, atypical development, new approaches in instruction and assessment, and the integration of institutional procedures, instructional practices Graduate School of Education
Joseph J. Campos social-emotional development in infancy, emotional communication, perception of emotion, relation of motor development to cognitive and social and emotional development Department of Psychology
Zac Cande genetics, cell biology, microbial biology, plant biology Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
Richard Candida Smith identity, memory, narrative, 19th and 20th century US cultural and intellectual history, cultural interaction and exchange with France and Latin America, oral history and personal testimony as historical sources Department of History
John F. Canny computer science, activity-based computing, livenotes, mechatronic devices, flexonics Division of Computer Science/EECS
David Card economics, immigration, unemployment, education, the Canadian, labor market conditions, minimum wage Department of Economics
Van P. Carey mechanical engineering, non-equilibirum thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, microscale thermophysics, biothermodynamics, computer aided thermal design, thermodynamic analysis of green manufacturing Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie Carlson conservation biology, evolutionary ecology, fish ecology, stream ecology, freshwater ecology, northern California rivers, Pacific salmon Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Thomas J. Carlson molecular biology, ethnobotany, Africa, North America, ecology, medicine, systematics, evolution of human disease, ethnoecology, ethnoepidemiology, Asia, Pacific Islands, South America, nutritional ethnobotany, pharmacology, ecosystem management Department of Integrative Biology
Jose M. Carmena brain-machine interfaces, neural ensemble computation, neuroprosthetics, sensorimotor learning and control Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
Dana R. Carney ethics, social cognition, Social judgment and decision making, nonverbal communication, power and influence, prejudice and discrimination Haas School of Business
Squeak Carnwath art, painting, printmaking Department of Art Practice
David D. Caron law, international law Boalt Hall School of Law
Claudia Carr economics, environmental policy, labor management & policy, environmental science, water resource Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Cathryn Carson history of physics, science and society, history of universities, German history, intellectual history, ethnography, data science, nuclear waste Department of History
Brian Carver copyright law, public access to legal information, technology law School of Information
Anthony J. Cascardi English, comparative literature, literature, Spanish, Portuguese, philosophy, aesthetics, early modern literature, French, Spanish Baroque Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
James Casey continuum mechanics, finite elasticity, continuum thermodynamics, plasticity, theories of elastic-plastic materials, history of mechanics, dynamics Department of Bioengineering
John E. Casida pesticides, insect biology, environmental science, pest management, molecular toxicology Department of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Michael Cassidy traffic and transportation operations, traffic control Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ralph Catalano public health, mental health services, economic antecendents, stress related illness School of Public Health
Brandi Wilkins Catanese critical race theory, African American theater, non-traditional casting, racial performativity, gender studies, sexuality studies, American popular culture Department of African American Studies, Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies
Jamie H. Doudna Cate protein synthesis by the ribosome, RNA, antibiotics, human translation, escherichia coli Department of Chemistry, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
Mary M. Cavanaugh violence School of Social Welfare
Alan Cerf financial accounting, financial reporting and management Haas School of Business