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Name Expertise Department
David A. Aaker business, marketing, branding Haas School of Business
Pieter Abbeel robotics, machine learning Division of Computer Science/EECS
Elizabeth Abel feminist theory, psychoanalysis, Virginia Woolf, race and gender Department of English
Dor Abrahamson mathematical cognition, design-based research, mixed-media design for mathematics learning environments, embodied interaction Graduate School of Education
Norman Abrahamson civil and environmental engineering, earthquake ground motions, spectral attenuation relations Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kathryn Abrams law, feminist jurisprudence, voting rights, constitutional law Boalt Hall School of Law
Barbara Abrams obesity, maternal and child health, epidemiology, nutrition, health disparities, pregnancy School of Public Health
Richard Abrams politics, recent U.S. history: business foreign relations, etc. Department of History
Charisma Acey water, sanitation, basic services delivery, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, environmental justice, urban governance, participatory planning, community-based development, international development, development planning, sustainable development, African studies Department of City & Regional Planning
David Ackerly california biodiversity, climate change, adaptation Department of Integrative Biology
Daniel Acland behavioral economics, behavior change, benefit-cost analysis. Goldman School of Public Policy
Paul Adams biofuels, computational methods, Macromolecular Crystallography, Structural Biology, abra Department of Bioengineering
Anthony Adams vision in diabetes, retinal function School of Optometry
John W. Addison Jr. mathematics, theory of definability, descriptive set theory, model theory, recursive function theory Department of Mathematics
Ilan Adler financial engineering, optimization theory, combinatorial probability models Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Mina Aganagic particle physics Department of Physics
Sabrina C AGARWAL Bioarchaeology, skeletal biology, gender research, biological and evolutionary anthropology, osteology and osteoporosis, health and disease, paleopathology. Department of Anthropology
Vinod K. Aggarwal political science, negotiations, trade policy, international organizations, international debt rescheduling Department of Political Science, Haas School of Business
Alice M. Agogino New product development, computer-aided design & databases, theory & methods, intelligent learning systems, information retrieval & data mining, digital libraries, multiobjective & strategic product, nonlinear optimization, probabilistic modeling, supervisory Department of Mechanical Engineering, Haas School of Business
Adrian Aguilera culture and SES and mental health, mental health services research in low-income populations, Latino & minority mental health, health disparities, cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, mobile technology (mHealth) and mental health, digital health School of Social Welfare
Jennifer Ahern mental health, epidemiology, social epidemiology, population health, neighborhood characteristics and health, methodological issues and novel methodological applications in social, traumatic events, substance use, behavioral health, birth outcomes and maternal health School of Public Health
Shahwali Ahmadi Persian languages, Persian literature Department of Near Eastern Studies
Asad Q. Ahmed Islam (social and intellectual history) Department of Near Eastern Studies
David Ahn game theory, decision theory, mathematical economics Department of Economics
George A. Akerlof economics, macroeconomics, poverty, family problems, crime, discrimination, monetary policy, German unification Department of Physics, Haas School of Business
M. Reza Alam Theoretical Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Wave Mechanics, Ocean and Coastal Waves Phenomena, Ocean Renewable Energy (Wave, Tide and Offshore Wind Energy), Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Fluid Flow Control, ocean renewable energy Department of Mechanical Engineering
Catherine Albiston inequality, social change, law, employment, legal profession, public interest law, gender discrimination Boalt Hall School of Law
David Aldous mathematical probability, applied probability, analysis of algorithms, phylogenetic trees, complex networks, random networks, entropy, spatial networks Department of Statistics
Ronelle Alexander Slavic languages & literatures, Balkan Slavic dialectology, Balkan linguistics, language contact, oral tradition, Parry-Lord theory of oral composition, South Slavic epic singers, issues of language and identity Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
A. Paul Alivisatos physical chemistry, semiconductor nanocrystals, nanoscience, nanotechnology, artificial photosynthesis, solar energy, renewable energy, sustainable energy Department of Chemistry
Richard Allen seismology earthquakes earthquake hazard mitigation earth structure tomography natural hazards Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Barbara Allen-Diaz plant ecology, wetlands, rangeland ecology, rangeland management, grazing, biodiversity, oak woodlands, grasslands, water resources Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Rodrigo Almeida disease ecology, vector, plant disease, Xylella fastidiosa, emerging Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Elad Alon digital, analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits, adaptive systems, high-speed wireline, wireless, and optical communications, design methodologies, modern integrated systems Division of Electrical Engineering/EECS
Nezar AlSayyad virtual reality, urban history, Architectural history, Middle Eastern Studies, cross-cultural design, cities and cinema, cultural studies of the built environment, environmental design in developing countries, housing and urban development, Islamic architecture and urbanism, traditional dwelling and settlements, urban design and physical planning Department of Architecture, Department of City & Regional Planning
Robert Alter comparative literature, Near Eastern studies, 19th-century European and American novel, modernism, literary aspects of the bible, modern and biblical Hebrew literature Department of Comparative Literature, Department of Near Eastern Studies
Miguel Altieri agriculture, environmental science, pest management Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Charles Altieri literature and the visual arts, Wittgenstein, Modern American poetry, Contemporary American poetry, history of aesthetic philosophy Department of English
Joel Altman rhetoric, Shakespeare, English renaissance, Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, history of literary theory Department of English
Ehud Altman atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter physics and materials science Department of Physics